I do believe in beautiful light, good framing and fine acting.
Also, I enjoy creating the appropriate camera movement, be it on a crane, gimbal or the robotic arm - whatever is the story which is created in the director's mind.
Lighting is interactive: you look at your subject, and your trained talented eye (and heart) tells you what details to improve. There is a kind of a dialogue there, like in painting or sculpture (here, it needs more shadow, or softness, maybe a different hue). Because of that, sometimes it takes more than just switching ON a light fixture... (that happens only if one has learnt on youtube about lighting a frame...).
Nowadays, a lot of Tabletop / Slowmotion shootings are done using robotics, regardless if it's needed or not, this thing being decided sometimes by people who don't know much about filming, but hiding behind of this idea: if you use a robotic arm (or maybe other gadgets seen on youtube), then your project is "modern" and you look good to the client.
Don't get me wrong, I love the robotic arm shooting but this type of filming cannot be always a "cure-all" without a good idea behind it, without wonderful lighting and a sound picture framing (not to mention the acting, if it's a live action script).
On several occasions, after filming TVCs with lower budgets, I have received kudos from the clients after they've seen the final result. Making use of the things I've mentioned above (lighting, camera movement, framing, editing) have resulted in products that have exceeded their expectations.
My name is Max Lemnij and I finalized many beautiful projects, even without the big help of the robotic arm - but I love working with it when it's the case.
I had the opportunity and pleasure to shoot TVC projects in India, Vietnam, United States, Lebanon, India, Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia and other countries.
I have graduated my film studies at UNATC (State Film School in Bucharest) in cinematography and directing, and thereafter I worked mainly as a cinematographer.
After many filmed projects, at some point I have started to put in practice the knowledge I have learned in school, seen in movies (and also on set), concerning live action and working with actors.
I am not exclusive to any Agency.
Thank you!
Contact: max@maxlemnij.com