Below you'll find some of my works as DoP or Directing DoP.


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Please use Safari on Mac OS X or Firefox on Windows

if you have any problems watching my website/videos and if those videos are loading in a very long time on your browser, please use my vimeo or youtube instead :

Direct link to 3 of my showreels here (Tabletop, Directing DoP, Director of Photography)

My recent works below :

  • Bergenbier Ale DEMO only

    Tabletop Dir/DoP: Max Lemnij

  • Vietnamese C2 TEA TVC

    Director / DoP: Max Lemnij

  • Bergenbier Ale beer

    Director: Tudor Giurgiu

    Tabletop Dir/DoP: Max Lemnij

  • Pizza Hut B

    Tabletop Dir/DoP: Max Lemnij

    Live action Directors : Ben & Duncan


  • Staropramen


  • Britannia Pure Magic India

    Directing DoP Max Lemnij

  • Fox


  • Scandia Main

    Director: Radu Barbulescu

  • Lidl Gelatelii

    Director: Radu Barbulescu

  • Lidl Mexican Week

    Director: Radu Barbulescu

  • Albalact


  • Pizza Hut

    Director: Andrei Amarfoaie

  • Maggi Mom

    Director : Gus Olafsson

  • Dedeman X4

    Director: Radu Barbulescu

  • Rompetrol Hei

    Director: Ruxandra Ghitescu

  • Lidl Deluxe Camerista

    Director: Radu Barbulescu


  • Coca Cola

  • Dorna Simona Halep

    Director: Tudor Giurgiu

  • Pepsi Fun Food

  • Lidl Bakery


  • Stejar beer

    Director: Andrei Amarfoaie

  • Caroli food

    Director: Richard de Aragues

  • Staropramen beer

  • Hochland delicii

    Director: Matt Vane

  • Policolor

    Director: Anton Groves

  • Chisinau beer

  • Vodafone MPESA

    Director: Cristian Mungiu

  • Bucovina water

  • KFC New York

    Director: Dinu Panescu

  • Vodafone connection

    Director: Andreea Paduraru

  • Hochland

    Director: Matt Vane

  • Cif Domestos

    Director: Tudor Giurgiu

  • Danone core

    Director: Matt Vane

  • Lee Cooper mix

    Director: Spike

  • KFC

    Director: Eduardo Vasquez

  • Activia Mihaela Radulescu

    Director: Matt Vane

  • Napoca ice cream

    Director: Alex Mocanu

  • Volksbank packets

    Director: Matt Sundin

  • Hochland mixtett

    Directing DoP: Max Lemnij

    • Danone Activia

      Director: Matt Vane

  • KFC after X-mas

    Director: Anton Groves

  • Volksbank credit

    Director: Matt Sundin

  • Smiley music video

    Director: Iulian Moga

  • Danone recipe 1

    Director: Alex Maftei

  • Top Ice Latvia


  • Always Ultra

    Director: Chris Bartle

  • FocusSat

    Director: Cristian Mungiu

  • Maggi Dubai

    Director: Lukasz

  • Ariana / Bulgaria

  • Al Marai / Lebanon

    Directing DoP: Max Lemnij

  • Bite Lithuania

    Director: Christopher Roche

  • Koronet Belarus

  • Rompetrol Venice /Paris

    Director: Paolo

  • OvidiuRom

    Director: Cristian Mungiu

  • Show pacatos

    Director: Dani Ardelean

  • Altex Starwars

    Director: Bogdan Naumovici

  • UPC internet


  • Nico Teeth

    Director: Olivier Legan

  • Danone recipe

    Director: Alex Maftei

  • Slice / Egypt

    Director: Carolyn Corben

  • BUG Mafia

    Director: Hypno

  • Wiesana

  • Spoko Bulgaria

    Director: Sega

  • Bestime

    Director: Catrinel Danaiata

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